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ELECTRICAL/LIGHTING - a home's electrical system is its nerve center. Power in our home - lights our rooms, runs our appliances, heating, air conditioning, and alarm systems; and drives our increasingly demanding computer as well as home audio/video systems.  Indeed, many older homes are not  wired to adequately serve the needs of contemporary lighting and general remodeling requirements.

ELECTRICAL/LIGHTING is another strong point for  SHOWCASE REMODELING.  We have completed numerous custom lighting projects including making any necessary adjustments to the rough electrical needed to support the remodel.  The pictures below highlight just a few of these endeavors.



A painted brick hearth with mirrored walls on each side. Remodeled entire wall to include 4 recessed cubbies and a black granite hearth.

This kitchen was lighted by a single fixture centered in the middle of the room.   We replaced the fixture with multiple recessed lights for a more subtle appearance and greater degree of illumination.

This double sink bathroom was lighted with single bulb fixtures attached to soffit.  We removed the soffit, re-wired the rough electrical and installed contemporary 3 bulb fixtures.  This project added height to the sink area and increased illumination.


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Home | Kitchens | Bathrooms | Basements | Tile and Flooring | Electrical/Lighting | Doors & Windows | Plumbing | References | Testimonials

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